Jun 24

Top Ten Things for a Broadway Lover To Do in NYC

So, it’s your first time in the Big Apple! Or, you’re coming again, but want to make this trip filled to the brim with Broadway related activities. Look no further! Here are my top ten things every Broadway lover should do while on their trip to NYC.

  1. Schmackary’s: Located on the southeast corner of 9th avenue and 45th street, Schmackary’s is a favorite for fans and actors alike! With delicious cookie flavors like cookies & cream, red velvet, and peanut butter cup, there is bound to be a flavor you’ll enjoy. Not only is it a highly regarded bakery, but it is also known to be one of the favorite hangout spots for many Broadway actors to get a snack in between or after shows! This is a good place to stop after you get off your plane, get a snack, and maybe meet a few of your Broadway icons!
  2. Sardi’s: The infamous Sardi’s, depicted in many movies as the quintessential pre-show eating and drinking spot, this could be the perfect place to enjoy a Broadway meal before heading to a show! The walls are decked in caricatures of famous actors and actresses, so this is a must see.
  3. Joe Allen: Another good restaurant to stop at for dinner before a show, or dessert afterwards. The walls are covered in posters of Broadway flops so it’s said to be pretty entertaining. This is also a favorite spot for many Broadway actors to go after a show and maybe sing a couple of songs, so maybe you might get lucky!
  4. Shubert Alley: Literally the alley next to the Shubert Theatre, this is a great photo-op spot because of all the Broadway window cards on display! Pose with Matilda or seize the day with a Newsie, the possibilities are endless!
  5. Drama Book Shop: The Drama Book Shop is one of the most well known theater book stores in New York. Not only does it house classic plays and musical sheet music, but it also has a specific section for new works by new playwrights. So, if you are looking for a new monologue for an audition or simply something different to read, this is the perfect place to stop.
  6. Triton gallery: The Triton Gallery, established in 1965 is the only gallery in the world exclusively dedicated to theatrical art and posters. Not only can you get posters and window cards from shows on Broadway right now, but they also have a huge variety of vintage posters and they keep an archive of at least one Broadway poster from every show ever put on so that there will be a historic record of the art of the window card. This is a great place to stock up on vintage Broadway posters, brand new ones, or if you just want to browse their collection!
  7. Theatre Circle: Theatre Circle is one of the best Broadway souvenir shops in town, so go here to get your t-shirts, mugs, posters, or whatever else your heart desires. Also in the back, they have a wide selection of sheet music and plays to choose from.
  8. Off Broadway: One of the many forgotten gems of the Broadway community is Off Broadway. With well-known shows like Dogfight and The Last Five Years which recently closed, or current running shows like Murder Ballad and the New World Stages version of Peter and the Starcatcher the choices feel endless. And you can almost always show up the night of and get rush tickets, so it’s worth a shot!
  9. High line: After you’ve eaten, seen some shows, and bought some souvenirs, you’ll probably be in the mood for some fresh air. Go check out the high line which is a one mile linear park built on a section of the former elevated New York Central Railroad Spur which runs along the west side of lower Manhattan. You can get gorgeous views and a breath of fresh air between shows!
  10. Finally the obvious choice when taking a trip to New York as a Broadway lover, attending a Broadway show! From Matilda, to Cinderella, to Pippin, to Kinky Boots, to Newsies, to Annie, there are so many new and old choices to choose from!

If you are a longtime Broadway fan, or brand new to this world that lives on the Great White Way, hopefully the next time your in New York this will help you make your trip especially Broadway filled.

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