Oct 29

How Very: The Story of Heathers: The Musical

By Brenna Corporal

Croquet mallets. Scrunchies. Shoulder pads. All these things, plus more, can be found in Heathers The Musical. This off-Broadway show is based on the 1988 cult classic film of the same name. The musical has been long-coming: there was a reading in 2010 with Kristen Bell as Veronica Sawyer; then a concert version at Joe’s Pub with Annaleigh Ashford as Veronica and Jeremy Jordan as J.D.

In September 2013 it ran for several weekends at Los Angeles’s Hudson Backstage Theatre with Barrett Wilbert Weed as Veronica, Ryan McCartan as J.D., and Elle McLemore as Heather McNamara, who all reprised their roles in the 2014 off-Broadway production at New World Stages, adding Jessica Keenan Wynn as Heather Chandler, Alice Lee as Heather Duke, and Katie Ladner as Martha Dunnstock, all of whom can be heard on the cast album.

But what is Heathers even about?? Long story short, it’s about high school and cliques and the “popular kids,” fitting in, feeling accepted, and being true to yourself. Oh, and committing murder. You know, the usual. But I won’t spoil the whole thing for you, although I will map out some of the characters*:

Veronica Sawyer: Your everyday, run of the mill high school girl just trying to get through her senior year. Like anyone, she longs to be accepted. But how far is she willing to go?

Signature color: blue.

Best song: “Dead Girl Walking”

Heather Chandler: The almighty.  The queen of the school and leader of the Heathers.

Signature color: red.

Best song: “Candy Store”

Heather McNamara: Head cheerleader. Her dad is loooaded- he sells engagement rings.

Signature color: yellow.

Best song: “Lifeboat”

Heather Duke: Runs the yearbook. No discernible personality.

Signature color: green.

Best song: “Shine a Light- reprise”

Martha Dunnstock: Veronica’s best friend since diapers. Loves “The Princess Bride.”

Signature color: pink.

Best song: “Kindergarten Boyfriend”

Jason Dean (J.D.): Veronica’s love interest and an anarchist of sorts. Enjoys Slurpees.

Signature color: black.

Best song: “Meant to Be Yours”

Sound intriguing? I thought so. Now where can you see this musical? Well, at the moment, you can’t. It closed back in August to much dismay. But never fear! There are plans to bring the show to Broadway AND to have a film adaptation made, both in 2016, hopefully. So never fret! But you can purchase the cast album if you want a sampling of the score. So be on the lookout for Heathers: The Musical, and while you’re at it, grab some corn nuts and a Slurpee and ask yourself: what’s your damage?

*Several descriptions are taken as direct quotes from the lyrics of the cast album

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