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Newsies The Musical: A Lookback

By Molly Tracy

The news shocked the Broadway community this past weekend as it was announced that Newsies, the small Paper Mill Playhouse show that became Broadway sensation, would be closing on August 23, after over 1,000 performances, according to

As major fans of the show, we decided at Camp Broadway to do a look back on this amazing journey that this hit Broadway show had. You can join the lookback by visiting Disney’s Youtube Channel, or Andrew Keenan-Bolger’s channel. Disney’s Broadway YouTube channel will have the Meet the Newsies videos we all became so acquainted with, and other official videos of the cast, while AKB’s channel will have the backstage happenings of the cast. Both YouTube channels will be a great way to look back at the past two years!

In September 2011, the show was the hit of Paper Mill Playhouse’s run, starring people no one had heard much about, Jeremy Jordan, who had only been in Rock of AgesAndrew Keenan-Bolger who was in Mary Poppins, and had been in touring casts of Aladdin and other Disney shows, and Kara Lindsay, who hadn’t made her Broadway debut yet. The show gained a following, and quickly fans learned that there would be a 12-week limited run of 101 performances on Broadway.

The show quickly gained an online following thanks to the Meet the Actor videos shot by Andrew Keenan-Bolger. The actors’ online presence helped build a fan base much larger than the ten blocks that Broadway spreads. Names that people had never heard of, including Ryan Steele, Ben Fankhauser and more of the ensemble would become household names for fans of the show. The online presence, as well as the overwhelming sales at the box office allowed the show to go to an unlimited run, where it has run since. We at Camp Broadway have done multiple interviews with the Newsiehaus, including Kevin Coralan.

Newsies has had such a loving and secure fan base, to the point that a closing sent a shock wave to most of us. Newsies had fans young and old, and was one of the only shows on Broadway where dancing was such a key element to what the show was about. It has definitely made it’s mark on Broadway, from bringing us new guys to love, such as Jeremy Jordan, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Corey Cott, Adam Kaplan, and girls to want to be, including Kara Lindsay, Laurie Veldheer and Liana Hunt, this show is one that will definitely be missed by so many.

If you still have time, the show will be carrying the banner until August 24, and then it will start its tour across the country. Despite the fact that it may be moving from the Nederlander, the boys will be selling papes for at least the next year. So dry your eyes Fansies, and go see the show on tour!

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