Jun 17

Introducing Our New Bloggers!

This week we’re excited to introduce to you or new staff writers! After a long application process, these talented teens made the cut and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them aboard! We gave them their first assignment: write 500 words about your favorite performer– whomever that might be– and we received back a collection of thoughtful, heartfelt and very diverse essays! Read on get to know our new writers. If you share the same taste in actors, be sure to bookmark their author pages and check back in every week for their new stories!

Brenna on Laura Osnes:

“She is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I got to meet her after I saw Cinderella both times and she was so sweet and gracious to all her fans, and I know how tired she must have been after running the show. Laura, to me, is not only a role model as a performer, but also as a human being. Her character in Cinderella was known for her charity, generosity and kindness, and these are three traits that Laura has as well that make me look up to her.”

Meagan on Lindsay Mendez:

“Lindsay Mendez has helped me realize that being kind and having an undying passion is what it means to be a performer. Through her talent as an actress, her positivity as a person, and her jovial outlook on life, I accredit much of my determination and refusal to back down in the face of failure to her.”

Catherine on Tom Hiddleston:

“[Tom Hiddleston’s] versatility as an actor is to be envied: despite being nominated for an Olivier, he has not limited himself to the stage, but at the same time, being named MTV’s ‘Sexiest Man of the Year’, has not made him become merely a pretty face for big-budget blockbusters (naming no names, Mr. Pitt).”

Daryl on Elizabeth Taylor:

“But perhaps what makes [Elizabeth Taylor] a truly stunning actress of her time were some of things she gave up for the role. She completely changed her image and made her voluptuous curves look stunningly sexy in the play that is now adopted to the big screen. Every single sentence that she uttered contained purpose, and every line a meaning! Her character, like her tenacity, never broke, and her mien, like her stage presence, matched her aura. Such a rigid characterization was not previously apart of her image.”

Eric on Colleen Ballinger, or Miranda Sings:

“Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to see Miranda’s live show. I was absolutely blown away by what I saw – in the middle of “Defying Gravity”, Colleen slipped into her red sweats and pinned her hair back. Miranda was with us for the next hour and fifteen minutes. Colleen never did return – she remained in-character the entire performance.”

Finally, we have Corina on John Gallagher Jr.:

About three weeks before I was set to go to New York City, I found out that he was leaving the show he was in, Jerusalem. I cried for a while, but soon after, I found out that he was going to play a gig at Rockwood Music Hall. (Rockwood is a place in New York City that John plays music at a lot!) This meant that I had a second chance to get to see John Gallagher Jr. perform! Then my dreams were ruined again when I found out I had to be 21 to go. Being 13, I decided that I needed a fake ID, but my mom wasn’t so into that. I never ended up seeing John Gallagher Jr., but I am determined to one day.

And those are our six new bloggers! We’re so happy to have them, and make sure you bookmark their pages and make sure you look out for your stories. Remember, we look for theater blogging staff every six months, so if you’re interested, check our jobs page around December!

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