Aug 29

My Summer Trip to NEWSIES

Being a member of the Broadway fandom is impossible without hearing about Newsies the musical. From winning multiple Tonys in 2012 to their loving Fansies, Newsies is a hugely adored show by all ages. After finally getting to see it on my recent trip to New York, I can truly say I witnessed the magic first hand.

Walking into The Nederlander, I exhaled and slowly felt a grin settle on my face. For months I had watched clips of the cast performing on YouTube or laughed along to Corey’s famous pumpkin instagram videos in hopes that I would someday get to see the performance in person. On August 7th of this year that hope came true!

Newsies is a high energy and jaw-dropping musical, which everyone needs to go run and see if they haven’t yet. The first thing that hits you when the show begins are the amazing sets and the vocal chops of the lead Corey Cott (Jack Kelly). There’s no doubting why they cast him as soon as he finished Carnegie-Mellon. He has the kind of voice that can tell a story while still managing to execute the notes and melodies perfectly. Along with Andy Richardson (Crutchie) who fills the stage with charm and charisma, the duo is a strong start to the show with their rendition of “Santa Fe (Prologue).”

Right after this the huge opening number, “Carrying the Banner” began and here is when I truly realized why they won the 2012 Tony Award for Best Choreography. There is no doubt to why the ensemble is so important in this show. Without them, the energy simply would not be there. During the opening number I found my eye constantly being drawn to the different actors whether they were leads or in the ensemble. They executed each dance step precisely and with so much intensity that I simply could not look away. This energy is continued throughout the entire show as if it is impossible for these actors to run out of energy.

There were soft and sincere moments like Davey’s solo in “Seize the Day” played by the genius (Ben Fankhauser) and very chilling moments like when Crutchie is dragged off to the refuge. The chemistry between Katherine Plumber (Kara Lindsay) and Jack  (Corey Cott) also provided a nice balance to the rioting newsboys.

Newsies is filled with many surprises, right when you think the stunts, dancing, or vocals couldn’t get any better, they do, and they are infused with even more emotion and power. There is no other way to describe it than a changing and electric piece of musical theater art. The story is one for all ages and one that also gives hope to the masses. If you have ever had doubts about seeing Newsies, please do it. I promise you will not regret it. It lives up to everyone’s expectations.

But the most awe-inspiring part of this whole ordeal, was finally getting to view what I had visualized in my brain so many times. After reading countless reviews, or listening to friends’ encounters, I finally got to “seize the day” and “carry the banner” along with my favorite cast members and the amazing news boys they are.

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