Oct 02

Let’s Hear it For The Techies!

I know, I know. It’s been said a million times, but I’d like to reinforce it again: Techies are the unsung heroes of theater. Without them, nobody could put on a production half as brilliant. They are the forces that allow theater to happen. They build, rig, and illuminate our sets. We’re talking about stage managers, board operators, sound technicians, wardrobe staff, and all of the backstage workers and engineers who, let’s face it, are way more crucial to a show than any actor. Above all, stagehands and backstage workers deserve more recognition. So with that in mind, I’ve created a list of the top ten reasons I appreciate “Techies.”

10. They can turn a theater from plain to fabulous in a matter of days. They’re responsible for the incredible sets that truly add to the theater experience.

9. They have magnificent imaginations. They dream up and create props, sets, and costumes to bring shows to life, all from their own artistic vision.

8. They create breathtaking costumes. From high school productions to Tony winning shows, costumes are a key element in a great production. And you know who to thank for that.

7. They have stellar attention to detail. Whether it’s creating a lifelike set or doing stage makeup, Techies have an eye for the details that make theater believable.

6. They allow us to be heard. We so often take for granted the amazing (and complicated) sound systems in our theaters. Without the hard work backstage, theaters would be awfully quiet.

5. They work because they love it. They don’t get fans or sign autographs at stagedoors. Techies are integral parts of productions and they do their work for the good of the theater.

4. They’re practically ninjas. They wear all black and move quickly and silently. Think about it…

3. They know what every little button on the sound board does. I can’t even remember what all the buttons on my laptop do.

2. They can transform us. With the help of Techies and the magic they possess, people can transform into flowers or animals or dancing silverware. It’s truly the magic of theater.

1. They do it all without a single complaint.

So thank you to every Techie out there- whether you operate the spotlight in your high school productions or stage manage the Nederlander, thank you for your commitment to the theater.

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