Jul 21

Crash Course: How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart


By Maison Kelly

Auditioning can be scary. No matter how confident an actor is in their ability, some people just feel like they can’t successfully portray their talent in an audition, creating audition nerves. “If only I had more time!” or “If only the casting agent hadn’t looked so menacing!” can seem like valid excuses, but using them won’t book you the job.

In Part 1 of How To Get The Part Without Falling Apart, Haber explains what exactly could be standing in the actor’s way at auditions.

The first thing that could be standing in your way is you. Believe it or not, you might be setting yourself up for failure just by your own mindset. You have to have the utmost confidence in yourself when you walk into that audition! Saying that you will ‘try’ to book the role or ‘try’ to do your best is leaving room for failure. Don’t let yourself make excuses! Prepare as much as you can, and give all that you can with no apologies. It hurts to be rejected when you know you gave your best, but it is always better to give your best than to make yourself lose the part by lack of effort.

I’ve spoken to many directors and casting agents about the scary subject of auditioning, and the one problem that they observe the most in auditions is the lack of confidence. The people that you are auditioning for have likely seen so many people that day, that they may count you out by just your shy or weak first impression. If you prepared enough, there should be no reason to be freaking out in the room. Think of the way you are holding yourself. Are you sitting/standing up straight and relaxed, or are you tense and hunched over? The people watching you want you to do well, and you have to be aware of the way you present yourself to them! Do you walk up onto the stage with energy and power, or as a nervous wreck? Everyone gets nerves, but you can’t let them overcome you! Use them to add energy into your scene!

One of the keys to confidence is flexibility. Anything can happen in an audition, and you have to be ready for anything thrown your way. You might not read with the person you were intending to, you might be asked to read for a role you weren’t ready for! If you go into the audition knowing that something crazy could happen, you’ll be much more ready for it and your confidence won’t be as shaken. If you make a mistake, don’t apologize. Recover quickly and move on! Nothing minor can ruin your audition if you recover from it quickly.

“When your fearful thoughts start to break your concentration, push them aside and replace them with your character’s thoughts.”

Obviously when thinking of an audition, most people think of the actual performance. But without a sound mindset, you won’t be able to successfully perform! Everything else about the audition (the technique(s), the resume, etc.) can only be successfully executed afterward.

Do you have any bad audition stories that could’ve been fixed by preparation or confidence? Tell us in the comments! Happy auditioning!

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