Sep 09

My Dream Casting of Pop Stars on Broadway

We have seen singers like Fantasia, Ashlee Simpson, Toni Braxton, Joey Fatone and more take to the Broadway stage. After watching the Video Music Awards, I was wondering what it would be like seeing some of my favorite artists go from the recording studio to the stage. What do you think of these dream Broadway castings of some of music’s biggest names?

Lady Gaga – Mimi/Maureen in RENT
I couldn’t decide which role because I think she could play both. I can see Gaga belting “Out Tonight” and strutting down the stairs of the Cat Scratch club. But Gaga is also a performance artist and would be hilarious as Maureen singing “Over The Moon.” With a rock/pop voice and outrageous personality, she would fit right in RENT, given her theater background in school.

Miley Cyrus – Eponine in Les Miserables
Now I know after Twerkgate, you would find me crazy suggesting Miley should be in Les Mis. However she is the right age for the role and she could tone down her party girl exterior to be the tragic Eponine. If you still don’t believe me, listen to this cover she did of “On My Own” on Youtube that might change your mind.

Robin Thicke – Billy Flynn in Chicago
Robin Thicke has that cool guy attitude and good looks that would make him perfect for the role of the fast talking Billy Flynn. Chicago is known for hosting a variety of stars in their title roles. Billy Flynn has been taken over before on Broadway stages by Usher, Billy Ray Cyrus, even Robin’s father Alan Thicke. Maybe he could follow in his father’s footsteps and go to Broadway?

Drake – Usnavi in In The Heights
Drake would be perfect for In the Heights. He is a talented rapper and could play the kindhearted Usnavi. He would be great carrying this Latin/Hip-hop musical. Plus every Usnavi needs a Vanessa– Nicki Minaj we are looking at you!

Bruno Mars-  Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys
Bruno Mars is a ladies man and would shine in Jersey Boys. With his added vocal range, he could sing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” and blow away the audience every night. Plus he proved his acting skills in Saturday Night Live. Now with the Super Bowl Halftime Show in his future, could Broadway be next?

Justin Timberlake – Charlie Price in Kinky Boots
Justin has proven to be a triple threat, and with his Vanguard Award and performance at the VMAs, maybe Broadway is the next step in his career? Charlie would be perfect for Justin, in the hilarious yet heartwarming Kinky Boots. Justin could play down to earth and still be a vocal powerhouse. Watch your spotlight Lola, Justin might just run up on stage and take it.

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