Feb 28

Disney Musicals Are So Back

It’s no question that Disney movies, especially ones that have songs could be tailored to be set on a Broadway stage. With Broadway hits such as The Lion King, Mary Poppins, most current dance sensation Newsies. It is proven that it is never impossible to bring Disney magic to the Great White Way, no matter how complex it can be. With Aladdin and Frozen making their way as well, it seems Disney shows are making a comeback. There are some shows that are still in question, why hasn’t anybody decided to give specific shows their musical break? Shows that could be Broadway blockbusters.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas: I know you all might be thinking why this movie, there are SO MANY other movies to pick from from the Disney sea. I feel like this musical can be visually appealing to various audiences IF it’s executed correctly & is taken on by an extremely talented creative team. Every person cannot forget the memorable stylization of Tim Burton. If a creative team decided to do something semi similar of what Julie Taymor did with The Lion King, the use of a minimalistic style of the use of puppetry and scenery instead of going a full bold set and props and going over the top along with a touch of wonder and darkness, this idea could be something extraordinary; something that Broadway has never seen and setting the standards for future shows.
  2. Up: I remember watching and not even being able to get through the first 10 minutes. A house that is lifted up by millions of balloons? That’s no problem. We already have flying witches, monkeys, fairy godmothers and carpets, its covered. This would be such a good plot for a musical even though there wasn’t any singing in the movie. There is a good story line if it is able to make you feel something without having one single musical number. If we could just get the whole creative team of Big Fish, plop them in and do something Big Fish-esque where the story line is the main focus, music to support and making the audience use a little imagination this would be one of the most beautiful shows to grace the stage.
  3. Saving Mr Banks: After reading tons of reviews about this newly released Disney live action film, I’ve heard nothing less than beautifully performed. Aside from the fact that Mary Poppins was already a musical, I think this movie has potential to make its’ way to the stage. If we combine the biographical interpretation like and the first person narration like Jersey Boys this could be a really inspirational and hopeful piece of theatre. I feel this would be a real challenge for actors because there is so much depth and back story to each individual character which will require more research than other shows. This would be able to test actor’s abilities. Among with some ballads and the timeless Mary Poppin’s score, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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