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What’s Coming This Spring at 54 Below!

54 Below, or Broadway’s Supper Club as it’s sometimes called, is a perfect place to have a great night: you can enjoy your meal as some of Broadway’s most talented perform, making for an unbeatable experience. Here are some of the gigs we’re most looking forward to!

Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena, March 10, 24 (Ticket info: 10, 24)
Coming up ver soon, Lindsay Mendez and Derek Klena of Wicked will be performing at 54 Below! I’m personally hoping they sing a few of the Wicked hits (of course), but also throw some new stuff in there. Between the two of them, with their stellar voices and incredible presence, they could pull off some stunning duets. I’m hoping they collaborate on some other Broadway hits, as well as maybe covering a few more “mainstream” pop songs- i’m sure they can pull it off beautifully.

Team StarKid, March 17 (Ticket Info: 7:30 and 11 PM)
I’m quick to admit that I’m an avid fan of Team StarKid. Ever since the original A Very Potter Musical, I’ve loved StarKid’s quirky songs and nerdy humor. Seeing them in concert at 54 Below would be a dream! They will be performing “Twisted” in concert, which will undoubtedly be a blast! I predict that this will be a high-energy, fun-filled experience.

Christina Sajous, April 11 (Ticket Info)
Maybe you’ve heard of Christina Sajous. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, you definitely should have. She is the stunningly talented actress and singer who originated the role of “The Extraordinary Girl” in American Idiot on Broadway. Her voice is heavenly and her presence is stunning- simply put, this will be an incredible experience. Whether or not you’re a fan of American Idiot, Christina’s performance is sure to be stellar. I’d like to see her do a few classic favorites such as her songs from “Idiot”, as well as covering some more popular songs across several genres.

“If It Only Even Runs A Minute” with Hunter Foster And Also Some Other People, April 21 (Ticket Info)
This compelling series is a performance of songs from musicals such as High Fidelity and Via Galactica, shows that have tons of merit but unfortunately didn’t run for very long. They will be performed by a wide array of talented stars, most famous of which is Hunter Foster, verified member of The Actual Most Important Family Ever. This one will be a blast, especially for fans of these shows who wish their tenure on Broadway could’ve been a little longer.

What performances are you looking forward to seeing at 54 Below? Let us know in the comments!

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