Jul 14

Broadway Dogs, the Real Stars of the Show

By Harley Ann Kulp

Many different types of faces have crossed the Broadway stage including children, the elderly, and my favorite– pooches. Yes, we all know that broadway dogs, no matter how small the role, are truly the stars of the show!

So today I’m talking about the most famous puppies to grace the stage starting with everyone’s favorite Chihuahua!

Bruiser Woods from Legally Blonde:
Elle Woods’ number one pal, pooch and protector is one of the most famous dogs of all time! Bruiser Woods is not only a movie star, but a Broadway star as well! Unlike most stage dogs, this one actually had lines. With a sly command from Margot, Bruiser let loose about his owner’s predicament. Cpoler still is that Bruiser isn’t the only dog in this show. Legally Blonde also features an adorable English Bulldog by the name of Rufus. Rufus definitely steals hearts as soon as that wrinkled face appears for the first time. He doesn’t’t have any dialogue, but he certainly has some tricks to perform!

Cheeky from Anything Goes:
The classic musical Anything Goes by Cole Porter also houses a dog! Mrs. Harcourt features some form of small fluff ball named Cheeky who’s mysteriously missing a lot of fur. Cheeky doesn’t do much, but still gets a lot of stage time. Mostly, he gets carried around! What a life, being a Broadway star without doing too much work. And he also gets a major break in the middle of the show. It’s a dream!

Toto from The Wizard of Oz:
Another classic dog is the magnificent Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Everyone knows Toto. He’s probably the most famous hound in all of doggie history. This household name is mostly famous for one line, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” This dog is probably the one with the most stage time. He’s by Dorothy’s side constantly, traveling the entire way down the yellow brick road with her. The good thing about Toto is that he can be any dog! He can be big and run by himself or he can be tiny and ride in Dorothy’s signature basket.

Sandy from Annie:
While Toto might be the biggest dog name out there, the most famous dog that has performed on the Great White Way has to be none other than Sandy, the loving mutt from Annie. Sandy also happens to be the most recent of these dogs on Broadway, starring in the 2013 revival of Annie! This dog does it all! He runs, sits, looks adorable, and endures several young children (which is a difficult thing to do, especially for a puppy).

These four dogs aren’t the only ones who’ve made their Broadway debut, but they certainly are the most famous. Broadway does a lot to help pooches, from getting them up on stage to the annual BC/EFA event Broadway Barks that gets Broadway actors to get a load of dogs (and yes, even cats) adopted by the public by presenting them. And just like humans, there are some that have dreams of Tony’s and Broadway lights!

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