Sep 25

Broadway ComicCon

It’s not a new idea. I’m definitely not the first person to think of it, and I’m sure I’m not at all the only one who thinks it’d be the greatest thing, the absolute dream weekend for any musical theater lover. Yes, I am talking about a convention dedicated to Broadway and all things musical theater. We all know that conventions such as LeakyCon and the various ComicCons all over the world always attract huge crowds of all sorts of nerds: Harry Potter nerds, anime nerds, nerds who can sit you down and discuss the finer points of every single Marvel alternate universe— so why isn’t there a convention for theater nerds? Let’s all be real here, you and I both know it’d attract a huge crowd, and the things that could happen at what I’ve decided to call MusiCon would be just as cool as any other convention out there.

Only, you know. Cooler. Because ours would have showtunes.

Just in case you’re not completely hyped up about it already, here are a couple of things that could go down if MusiCon was a real convention:

1. Opening and closing ceremonies
Similarly to any other event, the convention would have big ceremonies to celebrate the start and the end of the weekend. I imagine those would include a few guest speakers, as well as — most importantly — musical numbers written specifically for the occasion. Yes, I’m talking Tony-like opening numbers. Someone get Lin-Manuel Miranda on the line and tell him he has to pen the lyrics, please!

2. Panels and Q&As
Of course, there would be all kinds of panels happening over the course of the convention. I imagine some of them would be somewhat professional, like audition prep or stage makeup 101 talks given by theater professionals, while others would focus more on the fandom side of theater. Because who wouldn’t sit at an hour-long panel about how cool Andy Mientus’ Les Mis Vines are? Also, naturally, I imagine it’d be fantastic to have Q&A sessions with the casts of various shows. If ComicCon can get the full cast of Supernatural for a panel, then surely, my MusiCon could have a great Q&A with the cast of Hedwigfor example.

3. Photo-Ops and autographs
Since I’ve already specified that the entire cast of Hedwig would be invited to my convention, it’d be kind of stupid to get them there and not offer fans to queue up for an hour to take a picture with their favorite actors, right? Ideally, both actors who are currently in shows and all time fan-favorites would be invited, and their fans would have a chance to chat with them, and even possibly take selfies with them. Perfect, right?

4. Performances
No, I don’t just mean getting all of the guest actors to perform at a cabaret-style concert during the convention, although that’d be both inevitable and absolutely amazing. I also mean getting the con attendees to sing, in both cabaret gigs and maybe even something like a karaoke contest. Just imagine 20 people you’ve never met singing along to La Vie Boheme with you! It’s the dream. Literally, the dream. All you need is a karaoke track and a microphone.

5. A cosplay contest
Any self-respecting nerd could tell you that 99% of what makes conventions as fun as they are is the huge amount of cosplaying that happens during the event. Now, in most cases, that would mean 30 Supermen meeting up with at least two dozen people dressed up as various incarnations of the Doctor, but naturally, MusiCon would be different, and the cosplaying would be on a whole new level. Yes, I’m talking DIY Glinda dresses and almost perfect replicas of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder costumes made entirely out of your grandmother’s old curtains. A cosplay group dressed up as the full Les Mis ensemble, including every single Barricade boy. I’m talking 10 guys in Mark Cohen sweaters hanging out with a bunch of newsies, and did you see that girl who’s cosplaying Kate Monster? No, not a puppeteer, she’s the actual puppet! 

Don’t tell me you’re not planning your costume already. I know I am, and I’m pretty much budgeting how much of my money would be spent on various shows’ merch, and how much I’d give for autographs and photo ops. I’m definitely also thinking about all of the singing that would happen, the pictures I’d take, and all of the great memories that would be made.

I know. It’s a fantastic idea. Someone get a Kickstarter going already, and I promise I’ll back it.

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