Jan 28

Why You Should See Broadway Actors in Concert

Loving the theatre as I do, I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to see some of my favorite actors breathe life into some of the most memorable characters (such as Adam Pascal as Roger Davis in Rent). However, I’ve also been lucky enough to see some of these same people be themselves in concert!

A concert is so much different than an actor playing a role. When playing a character, a performer is forced to inhabit the mindset of someone else. He or she is directed to live as that character onstage, in whatever time frame they need to be in for the show they are in. They are bound by the personalities, words and movements of their character, historical setting and more.

However, in concert they can be themselves! A performer gets to get up onstage and say ‘here’s who I am. Here’s the type of performer I am. And we’re all going to go on a little ride tonight!’ There’s nothing I love more than seeing actors outside of the stage, and see them doing their thing. That’s my number one reason for why you should see your favorite Broadway actors in concert.

The last person I saw in concert was Matthew Morrison, best known in the theatre community for playing Link Larkin in the original cast of Hairspray. Of course, today people know him as Mr. Shue on the hit show Glee. When I saw him live, it was everything I hoped he would be and more! Singing ballads, going back to his dancing roots, giving pop trivia quizzes about songs he sang (such as asking which show “I Could Have Danced All Night” was from after he was done singing it). It was then that I was able to see the real Matthew come out. And he was every bit an entertainer as he is an actor! He even went so far as to try to dance on someone’s table!

A concert is great too in order for an actor to do some improv. Their lines aren’t written for them, and they are forced to just talk to the audience. It’s exciting as an audience member because you never know what could happen!

In a small venue like 54 Below, theater fans get a great chance to see the actors you love be themselves and see why they are so fantastic! Check out this season’s lineup and consider seeing your favorite Broadway performer in a whole new light!

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