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Best Christmas Showtunes!

Christmas is fast approaching (6 days!), and we couldn’t be more excited! Lights adorn almost every building, holiday movies are always playing on television, and Christmas music is constantly on the radio! But, for the theatre lover, this presents the question:

Should I actually be festive and listen to holiday music instead of showtunes all the time?! (gasp!)

But, of course, we wouldn’t want to do that. How could we possibly give up showtunes? (Especially since NBC got us hooked on Peter Pan again!) Luckily, there is a compromise. There are plenty of wonderful musicals that take place during the holiday season! Here is a guide for any theatre lover that wants to get into the holiday spirit.

“A New Deal For Christmas” from Annie

There is not a better show to get you into the Christmas spirit and uplifted for the new year! “A New Deal For Christmas” is Annie’s finale, and all problems are solved and everyone is blissfully happy. Mr. Warbucks is ecstatic to have Annie as his daughter, and the orphans are glad to no longer be under the rule of the vindictive Miss Hannigan! The whole song is about starting fresh and being positive! What better way to spend Christmastime?

Notable lyrics: “Fill every stocking with laughter, we haven’t got room for any more gloom– those happy days that we were promised are finally here!”

(Also, how excited are you for the Annie movie premiere on December 19th? We can’t wait!)

“A Turkey, Lurkey Christmas” from Promises, Promises

While Annie‘s Christmas song is the conclusion to a wonderful story, and is full of meaning and satire, “A Turkey, Lurkey Christmas,” is just plain fun. Most of the lyrics are nonsensical, but the tune might be the most catchy on this list! Also, Promises, Promises stars Kristin Chenoweth. And that is always a definite plus.

Notable lyrics: “Let us make a wish, and may all our wishes come true! A snowy, blowy Christmas; a mistletoey Christmas; a loosey-goosey Christmas to you!”

“Christmas Lullaby” from Songs For a New World

With The Last Five Years releasing as a movie at some point soon, we are all about Jason Robert Brown! Songs For a New World is so interesting because it isn’t set up like a normal musical; it is a series of songs that are connected in theme. This song is slower than the others on this list, but is beautifully sung and very classical sounding. It truly sounds like a lullaby!

Notable lyrics: “I will be like Mother Mary, with the power in my veins, to believe in all the things I’ve yet to be.”

“A Christmas Song- Reprise” from Elf the Musical

This musical, while popular, isn’t the most well-known as it only ran during the holiday seasons! Now this is obviously very festive; the whole musical is focused on Christmas! If you haven’t had a chance to see the movie (where have you been?) or the musical, the story follows Buddy the Elf, when he finds out that he is actually just a normal, mistaken human. He leaves the North Pole on a search to find his real father, and on the way, is determined to bring true Christmas spirit to everyone he meets! In “A Christmas Song- Reprise,” he finally succeeds in winning over a few hearts. Perfect for kids and adults!

Notable lyrics: “Just sing a Christmas song, and keep on singing all season long! Think of all the joy you’ll bring, if you just close your eyes and sing!”

Listening to these Broadway Christmas Showtunes make the holidays even more exciting! What are your favorite Christmas songs, showtunes or otherwise? Tell us in the comments!

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