The Roger Rees Awards
Best Actor and Best Actress

Recognizing excellence in student performance.


The winning students will represent The Roger Rees Awards at The National High School Musical Theatre Awards®.


Students performing in NHSMTA® eligible roles and whose school has registered for participation in the 2019-2020 Roger Rees Awards.

All public and private high schools located in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Orange County, Rockland County or Westchester County presenting an officially licensed school edition of a NHSMTA® approved Broadway musical during the current academic year are eligible to register for participation.


A designated school representative must register the school’s production. Officially licensed musicals approved by the NHSMTA® are eligible. CLICK HERE FOR 2019-2020 APPROVED SHOW LIST.

School Registration Fee: $100. Deadline for school enrollment is January 31, 2020. 2019-2020 School Enrollment Closed.

Students performing in eligible roles according to the NHSTMA® are invited to be adjudicated for nomination for the Best Actor/Best Actress Award CLICK HERE FOR 2019-2020 ELIGIBLE ROLE LIST.

Students must be registered with The Roger Rees Awards by a parent/legal guardian prior to being adjudicated for nomination. For spring musicals, all student registrations must be completed prior to the show with a final deadline of April 1, 2020. CLICK HERE FOR STUDENT REGISTRATION.

Already registered? CLICK HERE to return to your account and make any updates or changes.


The deadline for school registration is January 31, 2020. No additional schools will be accepted after this date.

Student registrations must be completed prior to the school production in order to be adjudicated for nomination. Adjudicator scores for unregistered students will not be tallied.


Registered eligible students will be scored by three (3) unbiased theater professionals in the categories of Presence, Musicianship, Characterization, and Movement.

Each school representative is responsible for coordinating three (3) unbiased Adjudicators to attend the production and review the student performances. Adjudicators cannot be affiliated with the school, the production, or members of the cast, crew, or production team. Adjudicators must have at least one of the following qualifications:

  • A degree or professional certification in music, theater, dance or other aspect of the performing arts
  • Membership in one of the Broadway Industry unions or guilds, with at least 5 years experience in the professional theater
  • At least 5 years experience as a teacher or teaching artist of any aspect of performing arts at the high school or college level
  • A theater industry professional with at least 5 years experience in theater arts education, audience development and/or youth enrichment

Adjudicators must register with the Roger Rees Awards prior to the production. Upon completion and approval, adjudicator will receive an email containing scoring instructions, a downloadable rubric, and a link to submit scores following the show. Scores must be submitted within 4 days of the production. All scores submitted will be kept confidential. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS AN ADJUDICATOR.


Adjudicator scores will determine the top 25 female performers, top 25 male performers and 2 alternates in each category. No more than two (2) students total will be selected from a school and all schools are NOT guaranteed to have a nominee.

Important Dates
May 3, 2020 – No adjudicator scores will be accepted after this date.

May 4, 2020 – Parents/legal guardians of 50 nominees and 4 alternates will be notified via email. (This will go to the email used for registration.) Parents/nominees have 24 hours to confirm nomination acceptance and participation.

May 5, 2020 – Best Actor and Best Actress nominees and alternates will be publicly announced.


Nominees will be invited to participate in the Roger Rees Awards weekend with professional coaching sessions, rehearsals and showcase where a Best Actor and Best Actress will be selected by a panel of Broadway industry professionals. These two students will then go on to represent the Roger Rees Awards at the National High School Musical Theatre Awards®, The Jimmy Awards®.


Please review the Guidelines for the 2019-2020 Roger Rees Award for Best Actor and Best Actress.

Best Actor/Best Actress Award Guidelines


If you have any questions, please contact Katie Wingler,