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A Review of Adam Pascal in Concert at Studio 54

Chances are, if you’re a Broadway fan, you’ve either heard of the show RENT, or you’re a RENThead (a die-hard RENT fan). If you know the show RENT then you know the name Adam Pascal. His name is synonymous with Roger Davis, the rock star of the show. But you might also recognize him from his most recent Broadway role, having played Huey in Tony Award-winning musical, MemphisHe’s also worked on shows like Aida, Cabaret, Chess and many, many more.

What most people don’t know, however, is that Adam is a real rock star and has three of his own solo albums! I was fortunate enough to be able to see him perform recently at the new Broadway hot spot 54 Below.

I have seen Adam live several times but this time was one for the books. Not only was the night spot absolutely beautiful, but Adam put on quite a memorable show. For the Broadway enthusiast and avid RENT fan, Adam performed Roger’s spotlight song “One Song Glory” which he and his pianist Larry Edoff had re-arranged for the show. He also spoke about his time in Cabaret and performed “I Don’t Care Much” along with “Joanna” from Sweeney Todd and “Maria” from West Side Story.

Throughout the show he told funny stories about living in LA. He mentioned how he noticed after cutting his dog’s hair that a certain part of her was lopsided. It was bugging him and, being in LA now, he asked if the audience thought he and his wife should have it surgically fixed. After roaring laughter, he looked at the crowd and innocently, asking “no?”

He went on to do a few classics that he’s known for performing at his shows. Songs that the audience anticipated included “Rocket man,” “Single Drop of You” and “Turn the Lights On.” He then turned the show over to his pianist Larry who wowed the audience with a song he wrote called “Love Will Always Come Back” ― which Adam said he loved! (Check out Larry’s CD, Duende)

If you’ve never seen Adam and Larry in concert before, I recommend going to see them (especially if you’re an Adam fan). Between Adam and Larry’s smooth vocals, the wonderful re-arrangements of music and Adam’s jokes, it’s always a fun night!

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