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The 2023 – 2024 Roger Rees Awards will be held May 19, 2024. The deadline to register your school is January 31, 2024.

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This idea of young people showing their acting chops and being recognized for it is something that he would have adored. So, I hope everybody who is competing for the Roger Rees Awards understands this kind of lifelong commitment to trying to be better at what we, who work in the theater, try to do. What Roger's life is a great example of is that you never stop learning, you never stop working, you never stop striving to be better. These kids here today are on that path, and if Roger's name is on that path as a signpost, then Heaven is happier today because he's up there pointing down going, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, keep going, keep going, keep at it, just keep at it.’" - Rick Elice


Excellence in Choral Group Performance

This award celebrates the artistry and creativity of high school choral groups.

Outstanding Performance in a Musical

This award recognizes the efforts of students who perform leading roles in their musical production.

New Faces - Solo Performance

This category is open to any high school student exploring vocal, dance and/or acting, not limited to musical theatre.

Student Reporter Search

Open to students with an interest in media marketing or journalism.

Program Overview

School Eligibility

High schools located throughout the Greater New York region are eligible to participate.

Program Fees

To participate in Broadway Education Alliance’s award and recognition program the fee is $200 per school.


School enrollment for The Roger Rees Awards is open through
January 31, 2024.

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