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Top 5 Roles Neil Patrick Harris Should Play

Everyone in the theatre community knows that Neil Patrick Harris is the king of versatility. On TV, he’s played roles from the awkward Doogie Howser to the womanizing, suit-wearing, Barney Stinson from the series, How I Met Your Mother. On stage, he recently won a Tony award for his portrayal of the title character in Hedwig and The Angry Inch. What role can he not be extraordinary in? (Nothing. The answer is there is no role.)

Since we’ve established that Neil Patrick Harris would be great in anything, we’ve compiled a list of roles we think he would do exceptionally well in!

1. Rooster Hannigan from Annie

Harris is most widely known for his killer comedic timing, and it would be hard to find a more slapstick, sleazy, animated role than Rooster. No one can say that Rooster is a very deep, touching, or even very dynamic role, but there is no doubt that he can steal the scene when played by the right actor. Just picture NPH in a black mustache and cheesy suit, belting out to Easy Street? I can’t think of anything more entertaining.

2. Harold Hill from The Music Man

This role was made for NPH. In the beginning of the musical, Harold Hill is purely a charming, animated, high energy character to play (all Harris’ strong suits.) But as he falls in love with Marian Paroo, you get to see a much softer side to him. Not all actors can handle that transition genuinely, but NPH would be great at it. While Barney Stinson was namely a conman in HIMYM, Harris handled the character’s poignant moments brilliantly.

3. Bert from Mary Poppins

Not only does Harris have the physical talent to keep up with the choreography in this show (did you see him on the Tony Awards??), he also has the immense charm and stage presence that Bert is known for. He could charm even the practically perfect Mary Poppins!

4. The Baker from Into The Woods

Harris’ voice is perfectly suited for The Baker. Even listening to the Original Broadway Cast soundtrack of Into The Woods, you could almost mistake Chip Zien’s voice for his! Once again, Neil Patrick Harris would be amazing at bringing a level of levity to that dramatic and gloomy role, making it much more dynamic.

5. Phantom from Phantom of The Opera

This is definitely a detour from the comedic roles he seems to be playing the most often, but NPH is as gifted a dramatic actor as a comedic one! One of the roles he is best known for is Lee Harvey Oswald, and that role didn’t exactly bring the laughs. NPH was trained as a classical vocalist, and I think that could really shine through as Phantom. And once again, his stage presence is extraordinary.

I’m sure that there are tons of Neil Patrick Harris fans out there, what roles do you think he should play? Tell us in the comments!

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