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Stagedooring 101

Stagedooring. To some it’s a regular ritual every time they see a Broadway show, to others they don’t know what stage dooring even means. This post is for Broadway fans everywhere who want to learn what stage dooring is, how to go about it the best way, and most importantly meet some of your favorite Broadway actors and actresses!

In case you’re not quite familiar with it, the stage door is the door usually at the back of a Broadway theater where the actors leave after the show is over. It has become a popular spot for audiences to gather afterwards to get autographed Playbills and pictures with some of your favorite actors. When I first went to New York a couple of years ago, I had no idea what stage dooring was, or how to go about it. It was all very overwhelming. But with the knowledge I have gained, I can make it a more fun and less stressful experience for everyone. Here are some tips:

Step One: After the curtain call at the end of the show, calmly but quickly make your way to the stage door (you can ask ushers where it’s located). Try not to waste time at the store or in the bathroom because the quicker you get there, the better your spot will be. The key is not to rush and just find a spot where you can stand and wait for the actors; don’t worry if you’re not first! They will make they’re way over to you I promise!

Step Two: Be courteous to the actors and actresses and also your fellow audience members. They all want the same thing as you, to meet and get to know some really talented people, so wait your turn and don’t try to force you’re way to the front. Also when you do get to meet the actors, say what you want to say, get a picture or two, and an autograph then let them move down the line. You have to remember that they do these shows eight times a week and they are probably exhausted and looking forward to going home and taking a break. While Broadway actors love meeting their fans, there is a difference between chatting for a couple of minutes, and abusing their time.

Stagedooring, as you can see is a fairly simple process. Just remember to be calm and courteous to other people and also remember the real reason you go to performances and to New York is not to fight through people to meet your favorite actors but see the wonderful work they can create on a Broadway stage!

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