Mar 07

SMASH: “The Song”

Welcome back to another weekly Smashcap! Here is what you missed on last week’s episode.

Veronica Moore has teamed up with Derek to put on a one-night-only concert in hopes to show everyone a different side to “Broadway’s sweetheart” and change her image. Derek wasn’t happy with Veronica singing “I Got Love,” so to try to reshape her image, he searched for a more edgy song choice. With the help of Karen, Jimmy Collins and Kyle Bishop have the chance to have one of their songs from “Hit List” featured in Veronica’s concert. Not only is her concert sold out, it will be televised by Bravo, which presents an even larger opportunity for Kyle and Jimmy. When introducing Tom Levitt to some of their songs, we hear live (yes, believe it!) singing from Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan)  and Karen (Katherine McPhee). After having a stressful rehearsal, Derek tells Karen and Jimmy how he won’t be hearing their song in order to “give the people want they want to hear.” After hearing this news, Jimmy freaks out on Derek and then walks away but can’t be found the next morning. Karen finds him later and he says how he has been waiting for her outside of the theatre and he then kisses her! During her concert, Veronica goes back to Derek’s vision and debuted a new song by Kyle and Jimmy, called “I Can’t Let Go.”  This scene was one of the best moments of the show so far this season, fully equipped with falling rose petals and the adorable smiling faces of Andy Mientus and Jeremy Jordan. (What more could you ask for!) One of my other personal favorite moments of the show was when we finally heard Andy Mientus sing “Everybody Loves You Now” with Jennifer Hudson. Will our new favorite song-writing duo be ready to send their show to Broadway now?

Meanwhile we find out that Jerry, Eileen’s ex-husband who has been plotting to take over her position with Bombshell, has been working with Eileen’s ex-assistant Ellis this entire time. Bombshell however is free to progress and can go to Broadway, but Eileen can no longer produce the show. Jerry will be taking over for her, and he demands that Ellis can no longer contact him.

Over at NYU, Peter (the dramaturg we met last episode) invited Julia to his acting class. To her dismay, the class ended up being a reading of Bombshell with slightly different character names but his class. After having her show criticized by the students, Peter helps Julia realize how she needs to be more open to criticism in order to help Bombshell be a success. She then realizes how she needed to write Bombshell from how each man in the show viewed Marilyn and started to get to work on rewriting the script.

What will happen with these budding new relationships, betrayals, and Bombshell? Stay tuned each week to find out!

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