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SMASH: “The Dramaturg”

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another “Smashcap.” I am here to fill you in on what went down in episode three of the season, entitled “The Dramaturg.” For those who may not know exactly what a dramaturg is,  it is a specialist who helps write and produce plays or musicals, which we will discuss later on in this recap. In this episode, Ivy auditions in front of the iconic Broadway Casting Director Bernie Telsey of Telsey + Company for a role in Dangerous Liaisons, and asks Bernie if she could later audition for the lead role of Cecile. After discussing how Ivy is no longer connected to Bombshell, he gives her an audition. Ivy confides in Tom, asking for help portraying Cecile since she was going against Jenn Damiano and Jessie Mueller for the role. (Don’t you love when they name-drop other Broadway stars in this show?) Ivy ends up booking the role and will head to Broadway with the show.

After the crazy drama with Bombshell that we saw in episode one, we learn that the show was allowed to head back into rehearsals, however Eileen has set up a meeting with a dramaturg for Tom and Julia. Eileen hopes that the dramaturg will push Bombshell‘s writing duo in the right direction to help Bombshell be ready for it’s Broadway debut. After voicing many opinions on the current state of the show, the dramaturg, Peter, later tells Julia how Bombshell has no “heat” or “passion.” This prompts Julia and Tom to create a steamy new song involving a new character, former president John F. Kennedy.  Since Julia unconsciously takes Peter’s advice and creates some “heat” in the storyline. She is now stuck with the dramaturg, so only time will tell if Bombshell is heading down the right path!

Also in this episode, Karen convinced Derek to meet with Jimmy and Kyle to introduced him to their show, Hit List. Derek agrees, but when it comes time for their scheduled dinner, Bombshell rehearsals get in the way of their meeting. Although Jimmy is very aggravated with Karen and Derek, he agrees to meet with them another time for the sake of not letting Kyle’s lifelong dream die. When going over all of the Hit List materials, Jimmy mentions how he left a full version at a mysterious place. We later watch as Jimmy breaks into a house and retrieves the notebook containing Hit List materials, but is soon after caught and attacked for reasons we don’t totally understand. When asked about the moment on Twitter,  Jeremy Jordan responded that our patience with this storyline will soon be rewarded! Later, Derek and Karen show up to Jimmy and Kyle’s apartment where they then tell Derek the plot to their musical. Derek seems to be on board with the whole idea, but we have to keep watching to find out what will happen! Musical theater historian and producer Jennifer Tepper tweeted this picture the other day that can hint to what will happen with Hit List. I for one can’t wait to watch this storyline develop!

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