Qualifying Shows & Roles 

The National High School Musical Theatre Awards™ (NHSMTA) has reviewed the professional standards for identifying the definition of an Approved Musical and a Qualifying Role for the purposes of this program.  These standards serve as a guide to create a minimum standard and criteria for what defines a Qualifying Role in the category of Best Actor and Best Actress in an amateur production of an Approved Musical. 

Definition of an Approved Musical 

For the purposes of the NHSMTA, an Approved Musical is one that: 

  • Held performances in a major New York City Broadway theatre, professional regional, or touring theatre outside of New York city prior to being made available for licensing to regional, amateur, or school productions. 
  • Was originally conceived and produced for a core audience over eight years of age. 
  • Is officially available for a performance license by a high school from the licensing entity that manages such licenses on behalf of the rights holder for such musical. 
  • Is officially licensed from the licensing entity that manages such licenses on behalf of the rights holder for such musical. 
  • Is the standard or school edition/version.  Note – The following versions are not eligible: 101 Collection (Middle School Editions), Broadway Junior, G2K (Getting to Know Series), Young Performers Edition, and Young@Part.  Concert versions are not permitted. 

For a comprehensive list of NHSMTA approved shows, CLICK HERE. 

Definition of a Qualifying Role 

For the purposes of the NHSMTA, a Qualifying Role in an Approved Musical is a role in which the character has a name, provides a vehicle for the actor/actress to demonstrate the ability to deliver the performance of a solo song and the ability to interact with other leading and featured performers in scenes and/or songs. 

Unless identified as an “ensemble cast musical”, an Approved Musical may not have more than six (6) Qualifying Roles.  Such roles do not have to be evenly divided between genders. 

 For Approved Musicals with both a book and libretto, a Qualifying Role must include: 

  • At least one solo, featured song 
  • Appearances in more than one scene with spoken dialogue with other leading or featured performers 
  • Appearances in both or all acts 

For Approved Musical with a libretto only, a Qualifying Role must include: 

  • At least one solo, featured song 
  • At least one song featuring solo line or dialogue with other leading or featured performers in the same song
  • Appearances in both or all acts 

For the purposes of the NHSMTA, students are adjudicated in the category corresponding to their gender identification, not the gender of the role.  All casting or script change requests must be approved beforehand and proof of approval from the show’s licensing organization must be provided. 

For a comprehensive list of the Qualifying Roles for the 2019 Jimmy® Awards, CLICK HERE. 

Appeal Process 

The Regional Awards Program (RAP) may submit an appeal for either a musical or role to be considered.  Appeals must be submitted using the 2019 Appeal Form.  Appeals must be made prior to May 1, 2019.  Appeals made after this date cannot be assured acceptance for the 2019 NHSMTA.  To submit an appeal, complete the 2019 Appeal Form and send to Katie at katie@campbroadway.com. 

Submissions will be considered by the Review Board that will meet on the following dates and results will be communicated thereafter: 

September 1, 2018  

November 1, 2018 

January 1, 2019 

March 1, 2019 

May 1, 2019 

Note: The Review Board has determined that no other roles qualify in the case of shows that have less than six (6) Qualifying Roles listed. 

Get the list of shows and roles that are currently ineligible for the 2019 Jimmy® Awards. Please do not submit appeals for roles listed here. 

  1. Upates to the List of Approved Musicals and Qualifying Roles 

Each year, in consultation with the major licensing houses, the NHSMTA updates the list of Qualifying Roles and Approved Musical titles made available for high school licensing.  As of August 1, each year, no roles will be removed from the Qualifying Roles List for the upcoming year.  However, because appeals are made and approved throughout the year, the list of Qualifying Roles will continue to be updated with additions.  Please consult this list periodically to ensure you have the most current list, which will be fully updated for the year by May 16, 2019. 

Students, parents and teachers with questions regarding role eligibility should contact the Roger Rees Awards team.