The Roger Rees Awards is proud to bring together students, educators, and industry professionals in the Greater New York area through our awards program. Read on to understand the roles that everyone plays in making this program possible.


A coordinating teacher for each school is responsible for registering their school’s musical for the Roger Rees Awards each academic year.  The production must be officially licensed and considered a qualifying show according to The Jimmy Awards® (The National High School Musical Theatre Awards®).   

The coordinating teacher is responsible for the following tasks: 


  • Identify three (3) qualified adjudicators. CLICK HERE for guidelines. 
  • Direct adjudicator to ADJUDICATOR tab on the Roger Rees Awards website to register.  This registration must be complete a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to production in order to verify credentials and receive scoring guidelines, rubrics, and submission procedures 
  • Arrange tickets and coordinate with adjudicators to attend a performance of the musical.


  • Communicate to parents of eligible nominees and direct them to the PARENTS tab of the Roger Rees Awards website in order to register and provide permission for their nominee to participate in the program.  NOTE:  Students will not be accepted for consideration if they are not registered and granted permission by a parent/legal guardian, even if they have been adjudicated. 


If your student is performing an eligible role in a musical at a participating high school – visit the PARENTS tab and follow the registration link to officially register your child and grant them permission to participate in this event.  Failure to register your student will take them out of consideration. 

If your student’s high school does not currently participate in the Roger Rees Awards, tell them to learn more about it by visiting or by emailing


Adjudicators are responsible for attending a performance at the school that has enlisted them as an adjudicator.  Adjudicators are responsible for registering with The Roger Rees Awards and providing qualifying credentials.  Upon registration, scoring guidelines, rubrics, and submission procedures will be provided. 


Students cannot audition directly for the Roger Rees Awards.

In order to be a Nominee at the Roger Rees Awards, students must have been cast in a qualifying leading role in a qualifying show at a Greater New York area high school that has officially applied to participate in the Roger Rees Awards.

If your high school does not currently participate in the Roger Rees Awards, tell them to learn more about it by visiting or by emailing