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Getting Along with Your Cast

Getting Along with the Cast
by Sami DeSocio

Once you land a show you’ll get to meet your “family” for the next few months.  And like every family, not everyone will get along and some will get along better than others.  Here are a few things to remember to try in order to get along with, love, or just barely survive your cast.

First you need to understand, depending on where you are in your career, that people in the cast will either be more experienced, less experienced, or on par with yours. You should not fear those who are more experienced than you. Learn from them, observe them, talk to them, and see if you can get to know them.  In the same manner, be patient with those who have less experience than you. In this case, you can be the guide that they need.

If there’s someone in the show that really is acting less like a team player your only goal is to just be civil. There’s nothing worse than a major fight between cast members. Its unprofessional, it slows down the rehearsal process, and most importantly, it can bleed through to the show.  If there is a fight between cast members, stay as far away from it as possible and don’t get involved. It’s better for you and for the fighting parties that you don’t get involved or voice your own opinion.

I’ve been in shows with people I absolutely love but on the other hand, there are people that I would never want to work with again. If you find yourself in a situation where the cast genuinely loves each other and you all find yourself having a great time and enjoying every part of it then consider yourself lucky!  For the most part, I’ve seen and been in situations where you’ll have a good balanced mix of both.

Even if the cast does get along, there are going to be nights when tensions run high and things will look like they’re going to turn bad. Remember that it’s just part of the show but things will get better and everything will return to normal soon.

Everyone is there for the same reason — to put on a great show!  It should be fun and it should be an experience that you enjoy.  


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