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From Matt Doyle to Gavin Creel: Broadway Stars’ Independent Recording Careers

Matt+Doyle+tumblr_lgo0tmPx3p1qbqb2ho1_500Everyone knows that one of the best parts of going to the theater is experiencing the wealth of amazing Broadway voices. But aside from show tunes, several of Broadway’s favorite stars have independent recording careers. Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites.

Matt Doyle (The Book of Mormon)
Matt Doyle is one of my all-time favorite Broadway stars with an independent recording career. His two albums, Daylight and Constant, have a unique melodic, R&B-esque sound that showcase his beautiful and distinct voice. Each album is a mix of upbeat pop songs and slow ballads, including love song What You Stole.

Lauren Pritchard (Spring Awakening)
Though she’s best known for her role as Ilse in Spring Awakening, Lauren Pritchard’s unique voice gives her soulful tracks a comforting, deep sound. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Joni Mitchell and Al Green, Pritchard’s album is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.

Gavin Creel (The Book of Mormon)

Much like Matt Doyle, this Broadway alum has a wonderfully easy sound. His debut album, Quiet, followed by his recent release, Get Out, sound beautifully similar to Doyle’s melodic ballads.

John Gallagher, Jr. (Spring Awakening, American Idiot)
The only disappointing thing about John Gallagher, Jr.’s music career is the fact that it hasn’t been released on iTunes. Short of some live bootlegs of his songs, JGalls’ music is a little hard to find. But fear not, fans! Last year, Gallagher suggested that he planned to record some of his songs and release a long-awaited album, hopefully including hits from his live shows including Still Sixteen and Better Late Than Never.

Brian Charles Johnson, Chase Peacock (Spring Awakening, American Idiot)
Under the alias Fran Sancisco, Brian Charles Johnson and Chase Peacock formed this rocking duo. Unfortunately, much like JGJ, Fran Sancisco hasn’t released any albums available for purchase. Hopefully soon, they’ll record and share their upbeat rock tracks with the world! The band’s sound is starkly different from most show tunes- featuring more rock sounds and different vocals.

Morgan James (Motown the Musical, Godspell)
I love Morgan James’ soulful voice and between her recording career and her concerts at 54 Below, we’re glad there’s tons of awesome music to go around. To learn more about Morgan and her recording career, check out our recent interview with the Broadway star!

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