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What to Expect from Rehearsals

You’ve been to the audition, you got the callback and now you’ve been cast in the show! The next step in the process is getting into rehearsals, meeting the cast and crew, and starting to get to work with your new team.

But what can you actually expect from the rehearsal process? Let’s start with the all-important first rehearsal. While there, you’ll meet the cast, the director and the stage manager. You’ll be given the expectations that the director has and you will be given important dates. Some of these dates could include a full rehearsal schedule, what day you need to be “off book,” or fully memorized without looking at your script, and even what week will become “tech week.” These dates are all important and the director, the cast, and the crew will be counting on you to be at the theater and ready to work when you’re supposed to be.

In the weeks following the first rehearsal, you will go to the same spot whenever is called for, and to the best of your abilities perform the script at hand. Some directors direct one scene at a time, but not necessarily in order, some will start from the beginning of the show and work their way through, and others will pick the hardest scene in the show (in their minds), and start from there working their way in either direction.

During this time, you and the cast will begin to explore the characters you’ve been assigned. You’ll be expected to delve deeper and deeper into them as the rehearsals go forward in order to give these two dimensional, written on paper characters real life and purpose.

You’ll also watch a bare stage be transformed into whatever world you’ll inhabit. And that world can be anything from the woods, a hospital, an apartment..anywhere! And as the set comes together, you’ll find even more things you love, or hate about your character. Some actors really believe the character is born once the world of the set is complete.

As a bonus, during the rehearsal process, you’ll find yourself growing closer and closer to people who until a few months ago might have been perfect strangers. These people are your theatre family, and like any other family, you’re in the show together. You love and laugh together, and you go through rehearsal together.

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