Sep 20

What to Expect at a Chorus Call Audition

When people hear the word ‘chorus call’, immediately images of ‘A Chorus Line’ flash into their heads. And while this image is right to an extent—it’s a bit exaggerated. Here’s what to really expect when you go to a chorus call.

First off all, unlike normal auditions—guys outnumber girls here. There are a lot more male chorus line dancers than there are women. When you get in, you will be in a holding room, where if you’re a good dancer, you will use this time to stretch and warm up. This is not really the time to be talking. You need all of your focus to go to what you are waiting to do. Get there super early or you’ll be waiting forever to get inside.

After that, they line people up and they make you stretch again. But, like I said before, this is something you should have been doing regardless while you were waiting to be lined up.

At this point, you will hand in your headshot and resume, and be given a number. Remember the number, or hold onto it if it’s given to you on paper. Then, there’s more waiting.

When your number is called, and they will call you along with fifteen to thirty people at a time to go inside, you go into the dance room and wait some more. From that point, you are either told to show them a specific style of dance, or you will be taught a combination from the show, that you will run through a few times.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. At that point, just like in the show, they will begin weeding people out, asking people to either stay or leave. If you’re asked to stay, you will either be taught another combination, or you will need to show them what you just learned—except this time, you might have to do it by yourself. The director, casting director, choreographer need to make sure you can keep up on your own!

From there, you may or may not be asked to sing a selection from the show, or the song you’ve prepared (chorus line audition or not-you prepare a song to sing! Better to be over prepared than missing something!)

That’s it. That’s what a chorus call actually, truly looks like. I hope you get it!

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