Aug 22

College Auditioning

So, you’re passionate about musical theater and want to make it into a career? Nowadays you can’t eve get an audition without college training. The world of musical theater college auditions is a confusing and frustrating one. I know for a fact because this is the career that I am looking into, so don’t fret if you’re unorganized or don’t know where to start! I was lucky enough to attend a three week musical theater intensive this summer where they put a lot of emphasis on the world of college auditioning for musical theater so I’m here to share some of that knowledge I acquired in the hopes that you will feel more prepared when senior year rolls around.

Before you enter the room:

  • Make sure your headshot is simple, shows your personality, and that it is easy to read your name.
  • Make sure your resume is simple, and that you include more quality than quantity. Don’t overstate and make sure you can talk about or exhibit all the skills or classes listed
  • Show who you are with what you wear, but again keep it simple

Where to audition:

  • Unifieds in New York, LA, or Chicago (essentially a bunch of musical theater schools and auditions in one place)
  • College Fairs
  • Remember you need a good range of reach, fit, and safety schools

In the room:

  • Practice slating your pieces beforehand
  • Make sure that your music is organized for the pianist
  • Only put audition songs in your book

The Audition:

  • Give yourself a moment to get into character, find your world, etc.
  • Find your focal points.
  • We want to see your world, not be in it.
  • Focus on the work
  • Remember it’s not a competition with other people, it’s about showing what you could offer to a particular school

I hope these points helped you! And always remember, no matter who else you see in the audition room, you are enough!

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