Sep 03

Having An Online Presence

Chances are that since you’ve woken up this morning, you’ve checked your Facebook at least a dozen times, tweeted a few times, and maybe even posted a picture on Instagram. These days, everything can be done with a smart phone, and that can be wonderful for any actor.

Twitter allows people to tell their “followers” everything they need to know about what’s going on in their life in 140 characters or less. Actors can and have used this, to promote projects that they may be working on.  Those people will then go ahead and tell their friends as fast as possible by re-tweeting the information. If you’re telling ten people about a project you’re a part of, then you’re really telling 100 people or more!

Facebook is wonderful as well. Having a “like” or a fan page to promote yourself and your work is critical. It should go on your resume so agents, casting directors and other actors should be able to find you with click of a mouse or a simple search on their Facebook app.

Youtube is also a useful tool. You can upload clips of your past performances, highlight any of the performances you’re especially proud of, or even just post a video of you singing something in your room.

My point is, if you want to have any sort of longevity, or maybe want to be discovered for certain projects, then it is critical for you to have an online presence of some kind. And too many is never enough! You want to have enough out there that someone could look at you and say that they are familiar with you before you walk into the casting call.

Personally I have two different Facebook accounts, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and a YouTube account. I’m even in the process of building my own website.   If someone wanted to find me to possibly use me in their project, there is no way that they wouldn’t be able to.

In the ever-changing technology filled world, it’s impossible to believe that people will remember you if you aren’t online. So go ahead and make that fan page, open a YouTube account, and post until your heart’s content. Take pictures of your poster and put it on instagram—whatever you do, your career will thank you!

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