To comply with the national program judging guidelines, all students playing qualifying roles in registered productions must be adjudicated by a team of independent theatre professionals. The Roger Rees Awards requires participating schools to identify and submit for approval three (3) credentialed and impartial theatre professionals to serve as adjudicators of their high school production. These adjudicators must attend the production and score the performance of each eligible student based on the criteria outlined on the Roger Rees rubric. Score sheets must be provided to the Roger Rees Awards team no more than 3 days following the performance. Please be aware that the Roger Rees Awards administrators will only consider the scores for eligible students who have been pre-registered by the school and whose parent or guardian has completed the application form before the finalist ranking is determined.  

Qualifications for a Roger Rees Award Adjudicator 

To avoid any conflict of interest, an adjudicator must not have an official affiliation with the school. An affiliation is defined as: (1) a paid or contractual position with the school or the production and/or (2) a professional or familial relationship with any member of the cast or production team.  An adjudicator for the Roger Rees Awards must be an industry professional who has at least one of the following qualifications: 

  • A degree or professional certification in music, theatre, dance or other aspect of the performing arts; 
  • Membership in one of the Broadway industry unions or guilds, with at least 5 years of experience in the professional theatre; 
  • At least 5 years of experience as a teacher or teaching artist of any aspect of the performing arts at the high school or college level; 
  • An industry professional with at least 5 years of experience in theater arts education, audience development and/or youth enrichment. 

Identifying and Registering Adjudicators 

In the event you need help identifying adjudicators for your production, we recommend you begin by calling the college or university in your area. Many schools will make members of their performing arts department faculty available for this purpose. You can also contact the NY Thespians for a list of their members. Lastly, visit for a list of industry professionals interested in serving in this capacity.  

Please CLICK HERE to register each potential adjudicator. The adjudication team for your production, must be approved by the Roger Rees Awards administrators no less than two (2) weeks prior to the first school production performance date so they can be provided with the program guidelines, judging rubric and score submission requirements.